Gangster’s Designer Footwear Collection To Go Up For Police Auction. (Photos)

Police are set to auction off designer footwear after the 55 pairs were seized from a convicted criminal. Isaiah Hanson-Frost, 22, shot at a blue Jaguar containing rival gang members after a music event in Gloucester last November and was jailed for six years.

A court heard that Hanson-Frost had been living an ill-gained ‘lavish lifestyle’ and decided to Str!p him of his collection worth £18,500, with whatever money is raised by police going towards fighting crime.

Among the shoes are luxury brands Balenciaga, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Valentino and several more. One pair of Gucci shoes alone can cost upwards of £1000.

During a hearing at Gloucester Crown Court on 23 November, Hanson-Frost – who was a gunman in the November attack – denied possession of criminal property but agreed to hand over the expensive collection.

Referring to the big-name brands on the list, Judge Ian Lawrie QC quipped: ‘If there was a crime for bad taste…’

The vast collection has been available for public auction under the Police Property Act.

Police allowed the criminal to keep Nike shoes worth under £100.

He was jailed in April after he admitted being in possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence and violent disorder.

CCTV footage captured the moment 22-year-old Isaiah Hanson-Frost aimed a firearm at a car just feet away from numerous people.

His brother, Zuriah Hanson-Frost, 24, and friends who helped carry out the attack, Jivan Bryan-Munro, 25, and Hakeem Barriffe, 23, were each handed jail terms of up to 16 months.

Hackeem Barriffe, 23 and of no fixed abode, can be seen in CCTV footage using a pole to hit the blue Jaguar during the violent incident. He pleaded guilty to violent disorder.

Det Insp Dave Shore-Nye said: ‘We often see the reason for someone to commit crime is down to their own personal greed and to make money.

‘We are keen to put a stop to anyone who is living a lavish lifestyle which has been funded through crime.’

The money raised will go to 30 police initiatives including the ‘Getting Court scheme’, which brings 15-18-year-old students to Gloucester Crown Court to see proceedings in action.

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