10 weird ingredients found in common beauty products

Today, beauty is not only diverse but also weird, and not just in terms of tendencies but also ingredients in skin care products. According to, below are ten weird ingredients found in common beauty products.


Whale vomit (ambergris)

Actually, ambergris is a substance produced in a whale’s digestive system. Even though it’s called ‘whale vomit,’ it’s more commonly pooped than vomited. This by-product is also called a “floating gold” due to its value in the cosmetic industry. For many years it was used in perfumes to make the scent last longer. Nowadays companies use a less expensive synthetic variant.

Snail slime (mucin)

Apart from being a food speciality, snails are also valued for their gooey secretion (mucin) which is rich in proteins, glycolic acid, and elastin that are widely used in facials due to their regenerative and moisturising properties. They are highly effective for those who want to turn back time and smooth wrinkles and fine lines.


Placenta (afterbirth)

A number of beauty products already contain animal placenta extracts, claiming to offer all sorts of anti-aging benefits including skin elasticity and collagen production. The skin-related advantages might be proven, but there’s very little evidence to show that eating the placenta will benefit your health.


Fish scales (guanine)

Fish scales, also known as guanine, is a pearlescent substance that is often added to nail polishes, lipsticks, and shampoos to give them that shimmery look. So, next time take a look at the label and maybe you’ll find it there.


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